Image of vineyards by Chateau Saumur
Vineyards at Chateau Saumur on the Loire

We are a boutique wine distributor in New York. Our mission is to bring artisanal wines from family-owned vineyards to the NY consumer. We work with quality-conscious restaurants and discerning retailers to provide fantastic wines at a great value to consumers.

Vineyards in Sonoma
Vineyards on the Russian River, Sonoma CA

North America: The variety of topography and climate found in North America means wine of great character is produced in virtually every corner of our fair continent. If it were not for the tumultuous era of prohibition, the US, and California in particular, would have a 300 year tradition of wine-making. But prohibition may have been a blessing, in that it left American wine-makers much more amenable to unorthodox measures.

Europe: It sometimes surprises us that there is anything new to discover in European wine. Yet, we find that once we step outside the familiar territory of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany, there are numerous unexpected pleasures at great values. Our mission is to help introduce NYC consumers to these hidden European pleasures.

We are Jeff and Subir, and you can reach us at 646-389-4636.